Increase your driving pleasure with AP

Are you looking for a sure way to get your car up to speed? With the high quality suspension kits from AP Sportfahrwerke, your dreams can become a reality. This Germany-based company manufactures sporty suspension systems which enable you to lower your car accurately, improving both handling and performance. The suspension kits and springs are created with care and attention, assuring you get the best price for the best products. Interested in the different options AP offers car owners? Read on to find out more.


AP Sportfahrwerke: over a decade of experience

For more than ten years, the engineers at AP have designed and created unique and innovative suspension systems. The newest technological advances, the use of the best materials, and the strict German quality control (all products have the German TUV certificate) combine to create a suspension product without parallel on the market today. Driving experience and safety are the two pillars of design at AP: instead of looking for a compromise, AP strives to optimize both. The result is a trustworthy and exciting product which assures the highest possible performance – but always at a reasonable price.


Discover the AP suspension kits

The AP Sportfahrwerke products allow you to adjust the lowering of your car’s suspension within millimeters. The stable damper setup, together with the special AP lowering springs, can be adjusted especially to your car. In this way, the perfect balance between comfort and sporty, dynamic handling is achieved. The modern technological designs and high quality materials make sure that even when your car is lowered up to 60mm, driving safety is never at stake. That means that with AP suspension kits, you get a more agile and aggressive look and feel without any compromise.

Lowering springs of the highest quality
Stock absorbers on most cars can be adjusted to lower the car up to 40mm. With the specially designed springs by AP Sportfahrwerke, a much lower center of gravity be achieved – lowering up to 60mm. This creates the unmistakable sportive look many car owners are striving for. Moreover, the relatively short AP sport springs improve the handling of the car drastically compared to your stock shock absorbers. Reducing the height of the vehicle allows for more agility and better control, and creates a wedge-effect which increases power and acceleration speeds. Especially when combined with the AP suspensions, these springs will guarantee an incredible driving experience.

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