KONI: world leader in shock absorption

Every car enthusiasts has heard of KONI. For years, the KONI brand has been a synonym for innovation and reliability. If you’re looking to upgrade the shock absorbers on your car, truck or bus, KONI is where you look first. Many car owners are longing for a more exciting and comfortable driving experience. Using the newest available techniques and technologies, the various KONI products deliver just this. Are you looking for more information about the various possibilities when it comes to shock absorption? Read further to learn more.


A brand with an impressive history

KONI has been a leader in car production for over 150 years. The brand produces its first shock damper in 1932, and puts this immense experience to use in the creation of ever better products up to this day. Innovation and improvement has always been the core value. As such, KONI has revolutionized the car industry time and time again. After creating the first ever adjustable shock absorber, KONI developed its patented FSD technology which gives todays drivers the best possible experience. All of these products are the result of a unique vision and attention to detail, more than a century of experience, and the drive to achieve the very best in automobile technology.


A wide range of products

KONI offers a wide variety of shock absorbers for different purposes. If you want to improve the handling and agility of your car, KONI Street Performance line is for you. The suspension shocks’ unique adjustability assure that they work together with your car, and enable the best possible driving experience. Different models of absorption shocks – Sport, FSD and STR.T – offer different combinations of aggressive looks, dynamic driving, comfort, and handling. Combined with the excellent KONI suspension kit, the best drive of your life is now within reach.


KONI’s unique FSD technology

The fabled and patented FSD technology, which is used in many of the KONI products, is a sign of the technological prowess of the brand. Traditional shock absorption always have to compromise between comfort and handling. KONI has found a solution which lets the driver choose the way the shock absorption responds. By allowing the driver to change the damping level on the fly, the Frequency Selective Damping (FSD) technology can offer both excellent handling and agility, as well as a comfortable and safe ride. With this unique solution, KONI has solved one of the longest standing problems in shock absorption.

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