Tuning your car with Eibach springs

More and more, car owners are starting to realize that by upgrading the springs in their car, the performance and handling can drastically increase. Eibach springs – which come in a variety of sorts – are the number one choice worldwide. The different products all combine better handling and comfort with aggressive fast looks. So if you’re looking to simply improve your daily driving experience, or whether you’re looking to modify your car into a racing vehicle built for speed and precision handling, Eibach has the springs you need. Read on to learn about some of their best known products.


Quality springs improve your driving experience

Car springs are very important when it comes to the way your car handles. This is because they determine where the center of gravity of your car is. Better springs enable a lower point of gravity, which can improve the way your car accelerates, handles curves and brakes. A good suspension set also causes a more comfortable and stable ride. In the last two decades, Eibach has become one of the most appreciated brands worldwide, producing high quality products of the best materials. If you’re looking to improve responsiveness and stability of your car, or achieve a more aggressive and musical stance, Eibach is the brand for you.

Race car with springs installed

Pro-KIT: The number one choice

The Eibach Pro-Kit is exactly what every factory street car needs. This popular spring system enables a notably lower suspension of up to 1.5”, which is immediately noticeable. But it’s not just about looks – it’s about performance, as well. These springs enable smooth and precise handling at higher speeds without reducing safety or comfort at all. The progressive spring system is highly responsive and allows you to navigate curves at higher speeds, improves acceleration and reduces nose-diving when you hit the brakes.


SPORTLINE: Take it to the extreme

One step beyond the Pro-KIT is the Eibach SPORTLINE. These springs promise all the quality of the Pro-KIT, but create a more extreme driving style. They are suited for the car enthusiast who is looking for the lowest possible suspension available. By lowering the car up to 2.3”, the SPORTLINE springs aim for the look and feel of a race car, without jeopardizing safety. If you’re looking for aggressive and sporty looks and handling, this might be what you’re looking for.

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