Bilstein: car suspension for every situation

Whether you’re looking to improve the street performance of your car, turn it into a racing machine or take your car off the road, Bilstein can supply the suspension you need to make it happen. Suspension is one of the key factors when you’re looking to increase the comfort, precision and speed of your car. With more than 60 years of experience, Bilstein leads the market and applies the latest technology to deliver an unparalleled driving experience. Read on to discover more about the possibilities that Bilstein has to offer.


The history of the Bilstein brand

Bilstein was founded in 1954 by August Bilstein. What started as a small company, soon became one of Germany’s largest producers of car parts. German rigor and quality control ensure that car owners always get the very best and safest. Since the very beginning, Bilstein has always worked with leading brand of automobile, and developed revolutionary techniques according to the highest standards. This is why the dampers Bilstein produces are the standard in motorsports all around the world, and are used by couriers like Niki Lauda and Alain Prost to win races in the Formula One.


Bilstein suspension products: reliability and performance

In its extensive line of products, Bilstein offers a special experience for every car enthusiast. The brand was the first to develop gas pressure shock absorbers, and they continue to be the leader in damper technology. Smart designs, attention to detail and rigorous testing ensures the perfect balance between aggression, handling and control in every situation – from the street to the race track. The monotube shock absorbers, as well as the twin tube suspension systems, adjust to your driving style and can withstand high pressures. All Bilstein products come with a lifetime warranty, and are sure to outlast any stock parts.


Different products, different results

What suspension kit best fits your wishes? Bilstein has got you covered. The bestselling B12 Pro-Kit, for instance, improves handling and comfort for street cars. The monotube gas pressure dampers combine with the famous Eibach’s springs to ensure a perfect response. For a more aggressive experience, the B12 Sportline offers quicker handling, and a more race-car like dynamic. It lowers the car up to 50mm, giving it a sportier look as well. Bilstein opens up possibilities, and guarantees a fun and reliable driving experience for each car owner.

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