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Car tuning: how to get started

If you enjoy cars, tuning might be the hobby for you. By making modifications, a car tuning can cause drastic improvements in performance and handling of a car. By adding a personal style to a standard factory model, owners can create a unique driving experience and make the car drive better, more efficient, and more according to their own preferences. But how does one go about tuning a car? What is important to pay attention to, and what are the options? If you’re looking for more information on car tuning for dummies, you’ve come to the right place – so read on.


What is tuning?

“Tuning” a car is nothing more than improving the performance of the vehicle (source: However, since different car owners have different needs and wishes, tuning a car can mean a lot of things. Some users are simply looking to improve the looks of a car: a louder exhausts, a lower suspension, a bigger sound system. Others are looking to improve the performance of a car. Increases in power, speed, safety and handling are more important to them than the way a car looks. If you want to get into car tuning, it is important to understand the difference and make a choice. What do you want to get out of your car?

Make a plan to increase performance

For many serious car enthusiasts, the most important reasons for tuning a car are to make gains in power and sound. Ultimately, it’s all about improving the driving experience. But tuning a car is not achieved by simply adding parts. Each element of the car interacts with others, and tuning a car is a delicate business. Changing suspension, wheels, engine tuning (making alterations in the car’s computer chip) – all of these contribute to the total driving experience. If you want to get into tuning, planning out all the different steps you want to take to achieve your goals with the car is important.


What setup suits your needs?

There are many reasons to modify a car, and they all require a different setup. It is good advice to think about what you want to achieve with your automobile. Do you want a slightly sportier car by improving performance, or are you aiming to modify it into a road racer? It’s important to decide exactly what your end goal is before investing in any modifications you make. Not all parts work are interchangeable or work together as efficiently. In the long run, thinking ahead will save you a lot of money, and make for a much better end result.

Chip tuning for dummies

This video by YouTube channel ‘Engineering Explained’ does an excellent job of explaining what chip tuning exactly entails in layman terms. Highly recommended.

Tuning your car with Eibach springs

More and more, car owners are starting to realize that by upgrading the springs in their car, the performance and handling can drastically increase. Eibach springs – which come in a variety of sorts – are the number one choice worldwide. The different products all combine better handling and comfort with aggressive fast looks. So if you’re looking to simply improve your daily driving experience, or whether you’re looking to modify your car into a racing vehicle built for speed and precision handling, Eibach has the springs you need. Read on to learn about some of their best known products.


Quality springs improve your driving experience

Car springs are very important when it comes to the way your car handles. This is because they determine where the center of gravity of your car is. Better springs enable a lower point of gravity, which can improve the way your car accelerates, handles curves and brakes. A good suspension set also causes a more comfortable and stable ride. In the last two decades, Eibach has become one of the most appreciated brands worldwide, producing high quality products of the best materials. If you’re looking to improve responsiveness and stability of your car, or achieve a more aggressive and musical stance, Eibach is the brand for you.

Race car with springs installed

Pro-KIT: The number one choice

The Eibach Pro-Kit is exactly what every factory street car needs. This popular spring system enables a notably lower suspension of up to 1.5”, which is immediately noticeable. But it’s not just about looks – it’s about performance, as well. These springs enable smooth and precise handling at higher speeds without reducing safety or comfort at all. The progressive spring system is highly responsive and allows you to navigate curves at higher speeds, improves acceleration and reduces nose-diving when you hit the brakes.


SPORTLINE: Take it to the extreme

One step beyond the Pro-KIT is the Eibach SPORTLINE. These springs promise all the quality of the Pro-KIT, but create a more extreme driving style. They are suited for the car enthusiast who is looking for the lowest possible suspension available. By lowering the car up to 2.3”, the SPORTLINE springs aim for the look and feel of a race car, without jeopardizing safety. If you’re looking for aggressive and sporty looks and handling, this might be what you’re looking for.

Bilstein: car suspension for every situation

Whether you’re looking to improve the street performance of your car, turn it into a racing machine or take your car off the road, Bilstein can supply the suspension you need to make it happen. Suspension is one of the key factors when you’re looking to increase the comfort, precision and speed of your car. With more than 60 years of experience, Bilstein leads the market and applies the latest technology to deliver an unparalleled driving experience. Read on to discover more about the possibilities that Bilstein has to offer.


The history of the Bilstein brand

Bilstein was founded in 1954 by August Bilstein. What started as a small company, soon became one of Germany’s largest producers of car parts. German rigor and quality control ensure that car owners always get the very best and safest. Since the very beginning, Bilstein has always worked with leading brand of automobile, and developed revolutionary techniques according to the highest standards. This is why the dampers Bilstein produces are the standard in motorsports all around the world, and are used by couriers like Niki Lauda and Alain Prost to win races in the Formula One.


Bilstein suspension products: reliability and performance

In its extensive line of products, Bilstein offers a special experience for every car enthusiast. The brand was the first to develop gas pressure shock absorbers, and they continue to be the leader in damper technology. Smart designs, attention to detail and rigorous testing ensures the perfect balance between aggression, handling and control in every situation – from the street to the race track. The monotube shock absorbers, as well as the twin tube suspension systems, adjust to your driving style and can withstand high pressures. All Bilstein products come with a lifetime warranty, and are sure to outlast any stock parts.

Different products, different results

What suspension kit best fits your wishes? Bilstein has got you covered. The bestselling B12 Pro-Kit, for instance, improves handling and comfort for street cars. The monotube gas pressure dampers combine with the famous Eibach’s springs to ensure a perfect response. For a more aggressive experience, the B12 Sportline offers quicker handling, and a more race-car like dynamic. It lowers the car up to 50mm, giving it a sportier look as well. Bilstein opens up possibilities, and guarantees a fun and reliable driving experience for each car owner.

Increase your driving pleasure with AP

Are you looking for a sure way to get your car up to speed? With the high quality suspension kits from AP Sportfahrwerke, your dreams can become a reality. This Germany-based company manufactures sporty suspension systems which enable you to lower your car accurately, improving both handling and performance. The suspension kits and springs are created with care and attention, assuring you get the best price for the best products. Interested in the different options AP offers car owners? Read on to find out more.


AP Sportfahrwerke: over a decade of experience

For more than ten years, the engineers at AP have designed and created unique and innovative suspension systems. The newest technological advances, the use of the best materials, and the strict German quality control (all products have the German TUV certificate) combine to create a suspension product without parallel on the market today. Driving experience and safety are the two pillars of design at AP: instead of looking for a compromise, AP strives to optimize both. The result is a trustworthy and exciting product which assures the highest possible performance – but always at a reasonable price.


Discover the AP suspension kits

The AP Sportfahrwerke products allow you to adjust the lowering of your car’s suspension within millimeters. The stable damper setup, together with the special AP lowering springs, can be adjusted especially to your car. In this way, the perfect balance between comfort and sporty, dynamic handling is achieved. The modern technological designs and high quality materials make sure that even when your car is lowered up to 60mm, driving safety is never at stake. That means that with AP suspension kits, you get a more agile and aggressive look and feel without any compromise.

Lowering springs of the highest quality
Stock absorbers on most cars can be adjusted to lower the car up to 40mm. With the specially designed springs by AP Sportfahrwerke, a much lower center of gravity be achieved – lowering up to 60mm. This creates the unmistakable sportive look many car owners are striving for. Moreover, the relatively short AP sport springs improve the handling of the car drastically compared to your stock shock absorbers. Reducing the height of the vehicle allows for more agility and better control, and creates a wedge-effect which increases power and acceleration speeds. Especially when combined with the AP suspensions, these springs will guarantee an incredible driving experience.

KONI: world leader in shock absorption

Every car enthusiasts has heard of KONI. For years, the KONI brand has been a synonym for innovation and reliability. If you’re looking to upgrade the shock absorbers on your car, truck or bus, KONI is where you look first. Many car owners are longing for a more exciting and comfortable driving experience. Using the newest available techniques and technologies, the various KONI products deliver just this. Are you looking for more information about the various possibilities when it comes to shock absorption? Read further to learn more.


A brand with an impressive history

KONI has been a leader in car production for over 150 years. The brand produces its first shock damper in 1932, and puts this immense experience to use in the creation of ever better products up to this day. Innovation and improvement has always been the core value. As such, KONI has revolutionized the car industry time and time again. After creating the first ever adjustable shock absorber, KONI developed its patented FSD technology which gives todays drivers the best possible experience. All of these products are the result of a unique vision and attention to detail, more than a century of experience, and the drive to achieve the very best in automobile technology.


A wide range of products

KONI offers a wide variety of shock absorbers for different purposes. If you want to improve the handling and agility of your car, KONI Street Performance line is for you. The suspension shocks’ unique adjustability assure that they work together with your car, and enable the best possible driving experience. Different models of absorption shocks – Sport, FSD and STR.T – offer different combinations of aggressive looks, dynamic driving, comfort, and handling. Combined with the excellent KONI suspension kit, the best drive of your life is now within reach.


KONI’s unique FSD technology

The fabled and patented FSD technology, which is used in many of the KONI products, is a sign of the technological prowess of the brand. Traditional shock absorption always have to compromise between comfort and handling. KONI has found a solution which lets the driver choose the way the shock absorption responds. By allowing the driver to change the damping level on the fly, the Frequency Selective Damping (FSD) technology can offer both excellent handling and agility, as well as a comfortable and safe ride. With this unique solution, KONI has solved one of the longest standing problems in shock absorption.

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